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Your nervousness is your own intuitive inner power when unrepressed

Very often the energy that is stuck in our nervous system and which causes different degrees of nervousness, anxiety, and mental health issues is the power and resource within us that we should have used as a child or in different dangerous and threatening situations to protect ourselves or escape.

But because those situations are sometimes so intense, we freeze, or very often we are attached to the abuser, we (unconsciously) abandon our energy and ourselves to stay safe (in an unsafe situation/relationship). We repress this energy in order to believe the situation or the attacker is “not that bad”, and by trying to see the person and the situation with different eyes.

So, the energy (our intuitive inner power!) that is arising to help us see the situation and the attacker clearly, and move on fast, gets stuck in our body, creating a lot of symptoms. The energy that has arisen to help us in the first place now makes existence more difficult.

With KI somatic processing and emotional repression work it is possible to unlock this energy and so trust ourselves again.

The energy that creates your nervousness is your own intuitive inner power waiting to be recognized, embodied, owned and used again.



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