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Welcome to my space!

Let me introduce myself and share a bit about my journey

My Past

As a little girl, I lived a very simple life. I grew up in a small town near the capital of Hungary, where my everyday life was mostly influenced by the present moment and the observation and admiration of life. I loved observing and feeling the vibrancy and manifestation of life through people and nature. This deep love and feeling for things brought me great joy.

At the same time, I had to face the suffering that can come with the repression of this life very early on: in the first half of my life, unfortunately, I had to experience a lot of emotional, physical and sexual violence. These experiences are what caused me to close down and repress myself, and my emotions, and to some extent lose my faith and trust in people, myself, and life.

It is this period full of traumas, this closure, and decades of deep emotional and self-repression that made everyday life unbearable by the time I was 32: chronic physical illnesses with excruciating pain, mental health problems (chronic anxiety and attention deficit disorder), chronic fatigue, depression, aimlessness, recurring relationship and financial problems made my everyday life difficult, and at that time even the most basic tasks were a huge challenge for me.​

Of course, I tried to help myself with all the presence and knowledge I had after 12 years of advaita inquiry and non-dual awareness, not to mention several years of individual and group therapy. But I couldn't really get to the root of my trauma and self-repression with any of them.

The way out of suffering

That's when I met Scott. Immediately I knew we were on the same wavelength. It felt like meeting an old friend again. As he introduced me to KI more and more, I fell in love with this method. It worked immediately and my love and enthusiasm have grown unstoppably every day to this day.


As it became a part of my daily practice and consciousness, I felt better emotionally and in my body. Joy, lightness, playfulness, trust, and last but not least, femininity and self-expression returned to my life gradually.

Also, I feel that through my own process and transformation, I have gained a very deep understanding and skills of the KI tools and a profound inner intuitive sense of myself and others on a human level. And that's what I use in individual sessions and in my courses, along with unconditional love and compassion.


And since one of the most important keys to KI is mastering the method in order to become more and more skilled in self-facilitation, I have always focused on the transmission and teaching of these tools we've been developing with our team. Since one of the most effective ways to do this is the Mentorship Course, I will withdraw from giving individual sessions in the future and will focus only on teaching the tools. For now, I keep offering individual sessions exclusively to those who are new to this work and are interested in trying KI to see if it aligns with their goals.

I wish you to experience the results of somatic processing and coming out of emotional and self-repression: that regardless of external circumstances, you can always feel free, safe, loved, and complete within yourself.

Because only you can give this to yourself, no one else. ❤ 


My knowledge and experience

I've been assisting people worldwide for over 13 years and I am deeply dedicated to this work. I have 4+ years of experience in the Kiloby Inquiries, 10+ years in awareness-based self-inquiry, 12+ years as a coach, kinesiologist and yoga, meditation & massage therapist, in addition to other integrating and healing methods, such as: Dr. Gabor Mate (Compassionate Inquiry), Peter A. Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Bessel Van Der Kolk (trauma healing), John E. Sarno, Bert Hellinger (Family Constellation Method), 5Rhythms, Osho meditations, Reiki, LomiLomi massage therapy, Integrating energy works & Shamanic tools, and so on.

I specialized in emotional repression, chronic pain, all kinds of traumas (also preverbal, birth, past life, inter- and transgenerational, developmental, abandonment, etc.), physical and sexual abuse, addiction, relationship and sexuality, anxiety and nervous system regulation.

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