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Why don't ONLY nervous system regulation techniques work in the long term?

If you are a research and Google geek like me, then you probably already know that the vagus nerve and the nervous system are directly connected to the body. As the images below, albeit not so attractive, demonstrate, its intelligent and sensitive nerves extend throughout the body like a net, connecting with every muscle, every organ, essentially with everything in the body.

But why don't only nervous system regulation techniques work in the long term? Why don't they bring the desired presence, calm, safety, and groundedness in the long term? Why can't they achieve that if they work short term, temporarily when we do them?

It's because it's not only connected with the body but also with THE UNCONSCIOUS AND HIDDEN EMOTIONAL REPRESSION AND UNPROCESSED TRAUMA WITHIN IT. The nervous system reactions or trauma responses that we experience occasionally or in the long term, such as nervousness, shutdown, numbness, fogging out, zoning out, dissociation, etc., aren’t just happening due to what's occurring to us in the moment. They also get triggered by that deeply buried unconscious repression and trauma in the body.

Coming from a yoga and meditation background, I've also practiced nervous system regulation for years, although I didn’t call it that. I abandoned it for a while, but when I started KI Somatic Processing, I started using it again to reset my nervous system from time to time or as support for my somatic inquiry process. It was important for me to learn it because as a child amidst the turmoil I grew up in, I didn’t learn or experience calming down or 'coming back to zero.' So when I learned it, I had that 'aha moment,' and I was happy to practice it and retrain my nervous system a little bit. It helped me to be in the body and it gave me a sense of safety and groundedness temporarily.

But for the reasons mentioned above, it's the emotional repression reversal process with KI that brought regulation in the long term, allowing me to rest in my body more naturally as a result. It makes a lot of sense to me because it was the traumas that caused me to repress myself, leading to long term dysregulation in the first place. Therefore, it's processing these traumas that resolves dysregulation in the long term.

Much love,



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