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We can't resist ourselves until the end of time, right?

What is resistance?

Imagine a little kid who is going through something tough and can't seem to escape the circumstances. As a result, what they feel becomes heavy inside them, so they start to avoid and suppress it. It's like they don't want to experience what they're going through. And let me tell you, my friend, we've been carrying this heavy burden ever since.

But here's the thing about resistance – it only adds more weight to our already heavy load. By resisting, we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow and learn from our experiences. Instead of facing our challenges head-on, we choose to run away from them, hoping that they will magically disappear.

However, the truth is that resistance only prolongs our suffering. It keeps us stuck in the same patterns and prevents us from moving forward. It's time to let go of resistance and embrace the challenges that come our way. Only by facing them with courage and determination can we truly overcome and find the strength to carry on.

Of course, we can’t just wake up from this pattern. Otherwise, all of us would already be free, right? However, with emotional repression inquiries, we can learn how to work skillfully and compassionately with this unconscious resistance. We can also learn how to process the traumas and childhood programming that created the resistance in the first place. This way, love, connection, happiness, creativity, and all the good stuff can flow more spontaneously. All the yummy stuff that we desire…

Because we can't resist ourselves until the end of time, right?

Even if we want to, we cannot, right?

Tell me what you think… Much love, Serena


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