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How I processed 20 years of sexual abuse with emotional repression and trauma work

I promised to share my process a few days ago, so here it is. In this 19-minute audio, I share where I started 3 years ago before KI and where I am now after 3 years of emotional repression and trauma processing.  I can say it is a 180° change and transformation.

Please, listen if you are curious or if you believe that it is impossible to process it and feel safe, free, and empowered in your femininity and sexuality.

Also, I wanted to give a bit of a “visible taste” of the Inside Out approach and path of KI with these photos of my bedroom. Because my experience is that I can literally see the change and internal transformation on the outside (on the material level, in my relationships and in my life). And actually, that was a deep moment for me, when the other day I stood in the bedroom, I looked up and the impact of the change dawned on me… It was so spontaneous and touching… I wish the same moments for you!

Ps.: Please comment or send me a pm about where you are in the process with this, and share your thoughts, doubts, fears, successes, whatever… Much love, Serena


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