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Unlocking inner freedom and self-expression by reversing emotional repression

Breathe New Life into Your Being with Somatic Processing

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Natural Recovery From Suffering

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Explore the World of Somatic Processing,

Inner Freedom and Connectedness

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Get to know Serena

I think I can say that I am a person who, thanks to this powerful somatic processing method, was able to finally mature from a girl to a woman and grow up, to find her inner self and her path in life. Of course, this is an ongoing internal process and natural growth, which continues today...

My Services

Transform Your Life and Wake Up to Your Full Potential by Reversing Emotional Repression with Compassion, Love, Understanding and Skills

1-on-1 Kiloby Inquiries Session

If you're tired of feeling emotionally repressed, my 1-on-1 Sessions can help. Using somatic processing techniques, we'll unlock decades of pent-up emotions. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, or just an overall feeling of disconnect, these sessions can help.

Working from Home

Personal Mentorship Course

The Inside Out Mentorship intensive course teaches you the Kiloby Inquiries to discover your emotional repression programs, making them conscious with cutting-edge somatic inquiry tools and techniques. I will support you in learning to weave the latest Kiloby Inquiry tools into a skillful self-facilitation practice. 

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For Companies & Groups

Looking for a way to bring your team together? This service is perfect for companies and groups. This conflict resolution program teaches individuals to understand each other's perspectives better and come into alignment with future goals. Leadership training helps leaders effectively manage the workplace.


Read Our Reviews from Those Who Have Learned How to Meet, Process, and Transform Their Pain Into Deeper Embodied Presence with This Method

What you find inside transforms everything outside

The Inside Out Path

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