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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I allocate for somatic testing before my first session?

We suggest setting aside approximately 2 hours to adequately prepare for this work. It’s beneficial to find a quiet environment with minimal distractions.

Do I need any specific equipment for somatic testing?

Setting up for somatic testing is a breeze: No equipment is necessary ;-). However, we recommend having a pencil and paper, a journal, or your phone handy to record the results of the tests. Please ensure to share these results with your Mentor before your first session.

Am I allowed to record my session?

Absolutely! Recording your session is encouraged as it can aid in integrating the work.

What are the WhatsApp Access Expectations?

You can send your Mentor a Voice Message once or twice a week for an exchange.
Please limit your messages to a maximum of 3 minutes long.
If it’s a two-step question, record two quick messages, so your Mentor can record two answers.
Remember that WhatsApp support isn’t there to verbal process, it’s there to ask specific questions.
You can expect a reply usually within 48 hours on weekdays.
If your Mentor missed your message and you’re not getting a timely reply, just ping them, to make your message pop to the top!

Do I get support when I get triggered during the mentorship program?

You will get triggered. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Triggers are your tickets to freedom, and you will learn how during our mentorship program. While we invite and encourage you to do self-inquiry and explore the root of your triggers, your Mentor and possibly a Mentorship Assistant will support you when necessary. Your Mentor and the assigned Mentorship Assistant will be your contact for all issues around triggers that arise during the mentorship program.

What is the refund policy?

Our services are non-refundable.

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