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Scott Kiloby

Serena is an extremely skillful, intuitive and wise trainer teacher and facilitator. Truly one of my best. Not only has she had extensive trauma herself and has worked through so much of that, but she adds insight to the KI process that is very unique and rare. She understands the somatic body and trauma very well, and that translates to the skillfulness that I see her using with trainees and clients.


I've watched Serena mature and blossom into a loving. compassionate and grounded human being. I highly recommend her for training or for sessions.


You simply can't go wrong with her.



Yonathan Keren

Serena is an exceptionally skilled KI trainer. Her profound understanding of this work comes from lived experience. She has helped me navigate my conditioning with clarity and a deep understanding of the structure of repression and trauma programming.


I highly recommend learning KI with Serena. Not only does she bring technical expertise, but she also contextualizes it with the richness of her own personal explorations.


Serena exudes a loving and gentle presence, supporting her clients in navigating through tough and painful areas with ease. I am immensely grateful for having met her and having had the privilege of being facilitated and trained by her.



Noémi Nothof

When we worked together with Serena using the Kiloby Inquiries, we immediately got to the source of my anger. One of the most effective methods I have ever come across. No bypass, it goes straight to the point. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Serena and this method to anyone who truly wants to be healed and feels the call in the heart. It is possible to recover from deeply buried traumas, and emotional repressions that we may not even know exist but shape our lives on the surface. Discover yourself with a wonderful companion on your journey, she will hold space for you from the deepest love every time you inquire into those deep places within you. You can fully trust her, whatever comes up during the process! 




Toshi Matsunaga

Serena is one of the finest KI facilitators I know, her understanding and dedication to the work is impeccable.

I hold regular group meetings with Serena. Her skills to communicate with others and help people understand the work both intellectually and experientially is exceptional.



Dan McLintock

I like the way Serena facilitates me. Her ability to hold a wide open, loving space, combined with her intuitive ability to zero in on, inquire and unearth the painful stories held in the body make her a powerhouse of a facilitator. And her sweet presence makes you feel like you’ve known her for a long time.

I highly recommend working with her.



Lydia Meyssen

KI is the most wonderful tool I know. It dives deep into unconsciousness to help me to be free from deficiency stories, trauma and addictions.Serena is a loving facilitator who stays with me all the way. She’s not afraid to ask uncomfortable and deep questions whereby healing starts to happen. Love working with you Serena!




Lava Mechtield

Serena mentored and trained me on the last stretch to qualify as a KI facilitator for emotional repression/chronic pain work It was crucial for me to inquire into and see through my own repression by trading sessions and learning by example from Serena facilitating me and giving me homework for my own repetitious inquiries.

When I facilitated her during the evaluations, her written feedback was extensive and detailed, which helped me tremendously in finding my own way as a facilitator. She helped me by making suggestions on what to look at within myself and how to skillfully work with clients.

Serena was easily available to me, checked in frequently, and coached me to reach my full potential and be(come) the best facilitator I can be. I feel full of love and gratitude for her and our whole process.

Derrière Pentax (2).jpg.webp



I am learning so much with Serena. As a man, it is a game-changing experience to meet myself where I was never able to go before. She is actually helping me grow through her presence, guidance, skill and support; bringing me closer and closer to honing the art of sel-facilitation, rather than depending on a therapist. That is major for me. 

It just feels right for me to show up to our sessions every week, be vulnerable in front of a woman who is clearly putting the time and effort into her own process of embodying awareness.

With Serena, you are held, supported and lovingly challenged by woman with knowledge, skill, presence, care, realness, honesty; that is so right for me, as a man earnest and willing to take the time to go into the body and the mind to see what is repressed and needs the loving warmth of awareness.



Patrick Boulan

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to work with Serena. I see her as the perfect balance between the strength of sharply-pointed inquiry and the softness of a welcoming loving heart. She can create a warm and non-judgmental space that brings the safety I need to process deeper and deeper layers of conditioning.

Her presence, combined with her understanding and deep experience of the KI tools, creates a real sense of flow in the sessions and helps unlock all the deep regressive stuff and trauma material.

Through the sessions, it's been (and still is) a deeper and deeper unfolding of the unconscious patterns and a dissolving of the repression, which enables me to be more and more rooted in my authentic self where the strength embraces the vulnerability.


Pink Lotus Flower_edited.jpg



Watching you in the group meetings is inspiring, to see a young woman like yourself who has done such work. My sessions with you so far give me hope that I can also work through my physical and emotional pain.

I wanted to have sessions with you on deeply repressed feelings of sexual shame. Somehow I felt that your honesty in the group meetings made me feel confident that I could express and unleash long-held repression and shame that I didn’t really even know I was holding until I watched and listened to you in the meetings. I felt that on a gut level.

You have a gift of grace and honesty of speaking on issues of such vulnerability that is also inside of me that I want to express! I’m grateful and look forward to our following sessions.



Ryan Head

Serena has amazing skills as a KI facilitator. I am extremely grateful to have met her. Her skill in inquiry as well as her open and loving presence have helped me to go deeper into myself than I ever have before, bringing into awareness parts of myself that I have judged and pushed down and therefore believed others would judge as well.

I have never once felt judged by her, only held in loving awareness. This has had a huge impact on my own inquiry practice.


I am slowly learning to love myself, all parts, and she has been a big help in that process. During our sessions, I feel completely safe with her as well as confident in her abilities.



Aliyah McCarroll

I feel so grateful to have discovered KI and Serena.

She has been my regular inquiry facilitator for the deep work of releasing the hidden trauma from early childhood that has held me back from living this 70-year life in Truth and Love.

Gradually the self-love, power and beauty is being revealed. I am Woman, I am sovereign, hear me roar!!

Serena is my trusted companion, she points and pushes as we journey and dance within together. I love her way of being with me and in the world and with Spirit.




Karola Szőke

In the safe environment held by Serena, I was able to make friends with the upsetting, paralyzing images that often pop up in my mind. Until now these images sucked me in, and I’d be frozen, or plunged into the pits of self-pity.


Through the Kiloby methodology and Serena’s attentive, patient presence, I learned to read the messages inherent in the images (which almost always gave me an “aha” experience), so I no longer look at them - and my mind - as an enemy, but as a helpmate.



Hogne Kirkebø

Non-Duality and Inquiry have been my main focus for my spiritual growth for several years which included modalities like The Work, Sedona Method and The Kiloby Inquiries.

I've had around 12 sessions with Serena so far and our work together has been incredible and also beautiful. It's safe to say that it's tremendously helpful to have Serena's help to bring light and awareness to the deep, dark corners of my being, and for that, I'm eternally grateful.



Graham Kutner-Simon

I am very glad to have met Serena. She has been very loving and very, very supportive and encouraging as I begin my KI journey. Sessions have flowed beautifully, with Serena providing a lovely, soft space to open in - while also skilfully and directly helping to move the process exactly where it needs to go.

I look forward to each session, and hope that there will be more to come over the coming months. She’s a very skillful facilitator and I can’t recommend her highly enough!




Steven Ledgerwood

Serena, your natural rest meditation was absolutely beautiful, thank you! In the past 16 years, I have tried many meditation approaches and had pleasant experiences. But, I have never truly felt such an effortless, flowing connection to my body energy and unconditional love for myself, past and present, my body, thoughts, and mind.

I hope many others will seek you out for guided meditation and inquiry.



Tony Galanopoulos

When being facilitated by Serena, it's like taking a journey with a good friend to the unknown parts of yourself. 

She makes you feel comfortable, heard and totally safe to present whatever aspect of yourself arises while reminding you with her gentle guidance that nothing is to be afraid of and everything is already okay, just as it is.



Orsolya Zilizli

I have 1 on 1 sessions with Serena and I participate in the group programs as well too. I am starting to see more and more of my mind-driven programs. The emotions I have suppressed come alive in me and begin to dissolve.


With Serena’s guidance, I can get to know myself and feel completely safe in the process. I get to know and accept with love the parts I have so far cut off from myself. Therefore, I can only recommend KI to everyone. Thank you very much!

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